Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Women at different ages

--- Woman at 20, she is like Africa. Although it is hardly developed, it has potential fortune waiting for you to discover.
--- Woman at 30, she is like America. Extremely prosperous,  attracting all the world to spend money in its market.
--- Woman at 35, she is like India. It is languorous but burning with an inextinguishable ardor. Doling out the charm.
--- Woman at 40, she is like Germany. Although it lost the War, it does not lose its hope.
--- Woman at 45, she is like GB which has got glorious history, but can not assure when the history will repeat.
--- Woman at 50, she is like China. Finally got some fortune by hard work, however, it is still not sufficient for its younger generations.
--- Woman at 60, she is like Korea. Looking forwards to the reunite of its family, but never know how long has to wait.

Over all, you are the winner " India"... Happy Independent Day!!!!

The word for today:

Du  Li  Ri Kuai Le

独  立 日  快   乐

Happy Independent Day !

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