Tuesday, 7 August 2012

2 best things to enjoy in Mumbai!

1. Movies

I am a big fan of movies. I enjoy watching movies in cinemas. I remember it normally costs around 12 dollars for a ticket in States. In Mumbai, you pay 12 dollars you can get a comfortable sofa seat in their best 180 degree cinema. The normal seat costs only 5 or 6 dollars. The even better thing is all movies here are launched at the same time as US. It is fantastic, isn't it?

Besides, Mumbai is also the home of Bollywood. Bollywood is well known as Hollywood in Asia.  Every month, there are around 6 new Hindi movies released. Even though they do not have any English Subtitles; most of time I was just seeing the pictures and making my own story, seeing beautiful actors dancing on romantic songs is already pretty entertaining. Do not know why Bollywood movies are always shot aboard such as US, UK, Switzerland, Thailand, and Hong Kong.  By watching the movie, I also have a feeling that I was a having a city tour and some old memory suddenly flash back.  

Believe or not, Mumbai is definitely the heaven for movie fans who loves Hollywood and Bollywood like me!   

2. Door to Door Services

I stay in a rental apartment. At the beginning, my door bell was ringing continuously from morning to evening. When I opened door, some strange people looked at me innocently or sometimes I not even see any people outside. Once, I got really mad and asked my Indian friends how I should stop that. They laughed at me big time. They said that it is happening to them everyday too, but no body wants to trouble me. It is their daily job to serve you to get themselves some business.

Now I am pretty comfortable with their services: - Every morning: News paper delivery, garbage pick-up, Laundry pick-up and so on. Every evening, grocery delivery (all fresh products), Laundry delivery and etc. Even the postman will ring your bell to give you your letters. Here, mail box is useless. Everything can be done without getting out of your door. I do not stay on some executive floor at hotel, however I enjoy this kind of services every day with very reasonable prices.

You may not fall in love with Mumbai by the first impression, however, the city really has something special! Come and experience it whenever you have the chance!

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