Saturday, 11 August 2012

Most difficult and easy things to do

1.  Most difficult to handle :      Wife
2.  Most difficult to dump:        Secret Lover
3.  Most difficult to lose:           Weight
4.  Most difficult to increase:   Height
5.  Most difficult to achieve:    Dream
6.  Most difficult to change:     Mind
7.  Most difficult to control:     Hating riches
8.  Most difficult to deal:          Relationships
9.  Most difficult to listen to:   Your heart
10.Most difficult to believe:    Yourself

 1.  Most easy to handle:            Mom
2.  Most easy to dump:             Belief
3.  Most easy to lose:                Trust
4.  Most easy to increase:        Weight
5.  Most easy to achieve:          Helping poor
6.  Most easy to change:           Mind
7.  Most easy to control:            Yourself
8.  Most easy to deal:                 Business
9.  Most easy to listen to:          Sweet lie
10.Most easy to believe:           Rumor

The word for today:

Xiang Shou  Sheng Huo

享        受     生     活

Enjoy Life

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