Thursday, 29 November 2012

The meaning of birthday

When I were small, I looked forwards to having my birthday because mum would cook my favorite noodle soup with pork chops. Until today, it was still my must-order dish whenever I came home meet her. 

When I became teenage, I started to feel the different way of celebrations. You received a lot of birthday cards & flowers from your schoolmates and friends. At home, some aunt bought you a birthday cake with chocolate chips on top. Everybody surrounded you, sang happy birthday songs, asked you to make a wish and then blew the candles.  

Can't remember since when, suddenly I enjoyed the quiet and peaceful time by myself at birthday. I can't stop flashing back what I have been done this year and planning what I suppose to do next year.  At late night, I call some friends out for drinks and try to get crazy. It is still a difficult day to get a good sleep. 

It is really scaring me when the numbers of candles on the cake are keeping increasing, you have not achieved what you planed to be at this age. The funny thing is nowadays, it seems very hard for us to satisfy with anything: 

You study in one of the best universities, but not sure I could get the best job;
You work in one of the top companies, but not sure my salary is the highest;
You get the best offer, but not sure my future partner is as good as me;

You have family, but you can't make enough money to make them happy;
You have family and money, but you cant have time to spend it with them;
or You have money and time, but you cant have love ones beside; 
The saddest time, you have all, but you cant have good health to enjoy everything.

------ So what's the real meaning of our births?  Why are we celebrating it if we are never happy?

 "I want to grow up fast!' "No, you will regret what you said. Take your time to grow." I believe this is a very common conversation between kids and their parents. However, the meaning of it you will only understand when you are grow-ups. 

When I were sitting there and watching a PPT show at one lady's 60th birthday party, my tears wet my eyes. In such a long journey, she has been a beautiful daughter, caring sister, amazing wife, loving mother, wonderful mother-in-law, and happy grandma. Although cooking is her passion, she had to stop her cooking classes because of so many roles she must play at home. Today, she won all respects from entire family, since she gave up her dream without any compliant to fulfill others' dreams.

The meaning of birthday, maybe it is the day coming once a year for us to reborn, to make a new choice, to renew our plan, to reconsider our future, to remind you what you are really looking for in life. It allows us to have the opportunity to spend time with important people in our lives. Maybe unperfected life is actually more beautiful.