Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Smile

When I was teenage, I lived in a small town for many years. Maybe, it was my first experience living aboard by myself, until today I still remember most of things clearly. I used to walk along the lake for hours everyday, because I simply fell in love with its beauty. I used to go to that post office at the corner, because I usually went there to pick up the box my mum sent to me. I used to pass by that street very often, because one shop there had my favorite chocolate. I used to climb up that small hill every night, because it was the only way home. Of course, the Irish bar I went with friends at weekends, the Ice Cream kiosk near the lakeside, the platform 1 at the train station, once upon time, they were all very important parts in my life. How can I forget  people there? Doesn't matter if you met before or not,  when they see you they always greet you with a big smile first. It was very enjoying to make new friends there, because people were polite and open to talk.

After coming back to the big city life, I moved in an apartment in a tall building. Maybe I got used to smile at strangers to show my politeness for many years, I had applied the same way to greet people I met in elevators. Surprisingly, I did not get the reaction as I expected. I felt that most of people just thought I was fool or crazy, some of them didn't even bother to look at me. "Maybe I am foreigner, so they are shy?" I asked, my colleague told me that she still doesn't know her neighbors' names after living on the same floor for 5 years. Everybody is too busy with their own lives and no time to spend with others.

Slowly, I gave up my old habits and behave like a "normal".  Somehow, I can't stop thinking the old time in that small town, where people did not mind giving a smile to a stranger. In fact, it really makes the other feel warm and welcomed. Here, in big city, people seems to be cool to be alone. It is a kind of sad. Hope one day, I will be brave enough to start to smile at strangers again even they look at me like an idiot.  

The world for today:

Wei Xiao

 微   笑


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The world peace, a dream?

Why is it so difficult to have the world peace? Reading our history books and watching news, it is interesting to see that actually the war never ends. It is quite upset to hear that everyday there are some innocent people die without any reason.  

Turning on TV, China is having problems with Japan because of one island. Checking on newspaper, US ambassador was killed in Syria. Chatting on internet with friends and family, it is all about "be careful of bomb blasts in India." and then, Korea suddenly came up and claimed that one island belongs to them. Finally, the entire world becomes so excited and looks forwards to hearing some breaking news and headlines. Everybody starts to take actions to unite their friends, partners, followers or supporters. The audience is getting ready to guess when the war will start. 

When you take time to think, you will realize that everything happens mainly only because of different opinions of religions and territories. Normally, it started from 2 nations, but ended up by involving several countries. It is quite interesting to see different reactions among different nations when they come to the frontline: 

1. US :         Whoever I don't like at this moment, let's fight. 
2. China:      Whoever has problems, let's talk, don't fight.
3. UK:          Whoever US doesn't like, I don't like neither.
4. Japan:       Whoever has problems with me, don't worry, I have US at front.
5. S.Korea:   Whoever is angry with me, US, let's show our weapons together. Fighting!
6. N.Korea:  Whoever upsets me, cross the 3/8 line. S. Korea, all problems started because of you!
7. Pakistan:   Whoever questions me about bomb blasts, I did not know anything.
8. India:         Whoever creates problems, I will know from the debates on private TV channels. 

How to support your nations: 
In US, working out and better learn some KongFu. You are needed to save the civilization of the rest of world at anytime. 
In China, being a good negotiator and learning English well. You must have the ability to convince the rest of world by tongue to declaim belongings. Anyway, take it easy, it is not really a matter if others agree or not.
In UK, just following CNN or NBC, wherever US goes, you will go right after. 
In Japan, giving more free lands to US, and then you are safe. 
In S. Korea and N. Korea, better reunite ASAP. 
In Pakistan, I need your suggestions. Don't know what to do.
In India, don't watch any debate. You will slowly be convinced that government did great jobs. 

Above all, just my personal thoughts for fun. NO OFFENSE! Anyway, as individual, we can only wish that there is no war in the world, so we can be happily living with beloved ones as long as possible. Hope that the world peace is not only a dream. It will really come in near future. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Great fun for 11 days!

Famous one in Pune

GSB, Mumbai
Driving is always a big headache in Mumbai due to the poor road conditions and horrible traffic. However, these days people love to step out their houses either to see the idols in public or invited by their friends and family to visit the idols at their homes because it is a great joy to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi together --- the Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday (19 Sep this year) of Lord Ganesha (well-known as Elephant God), the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture or at the start of travel, so this festival has become one of the most important festivals in India. It will last for 11 days until the 29th. 

The artist paints the idol
Baby Ganesha Idol at
 neighbor's home
Thousands and thousands of idols were made by professional artists 2 or 3 weeks before the festival. The idols have different sizes and styles by choices. Many of my neighbors are placing idols at home. I am glad that I am also invited to visit their homes ---The entire house is decorated by flowers. The table is full of sweets (Ganesha is a big sweets lover). Everybody wears their new traditional dress and expensive jewelry to show their respects and happiness to the God. There is a special birthday song for Ganesha, so everybody sings it together for him (Normally, once in morning and once at night) All visitors bring sweets for the God, and the host will give some homemade sweets or other small gift as return. The entire procedure is quite simple but you do feel people's love for Ganesha.  Some societies ordered their own idols as well and place him inside neighborhoods which is open for 24 hours. Everybody lives there is welcomed to come as well as outsiders who like to walk in and make a visit. Many societies will organize some events on several days, so everybody can dance, eat, sing or play games together. It is a great opportunity for people to get along with each other and having fun. Of course, it is also the most loving festival for kids. They will practice for the play, draw pictures and more and more. 

Ladys are still preparing for the
event in society

Kids drawing

The word for today:

Xiang Shou

享        受


I seriously hate to be in traffic and get into crowds, so I asked my local friends to show me around after midnight to see some big idols in famous public locations. I heard that the biggest one is 70 feet-high. I share some photos with you, hope that you can also feel the happiness and blessing by the God.  There are still few days to go. I will keep going around and see more idols! Great fun!  
Idol in one of the society

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


When you are young, you love to travel around and live aboard for some time because you are curious how the life of people is over there such as which language they speak, what music they listen to, how their food taste like, why they believe in different religions, and so on.  Of course, if you are lucky enough, you may meet a local beau or belle and start a romantic journey together... ... ... Every day, you are so excited to wake up early and ready to experience something new. It is amazing there is no fear in your mind even though you are alone surrounded by strangers. You are brave and have the confidence to face all difficulties by yourself.

However, with the increasing of your age, homesick has become a big problem. Before, you were so happy to be a free bird and far away from your parents, now you just desire to have a bite of mom's cookie and enjoy a small debate with dad. Before, you were so annoyed by all relatives who love to check on your love life, now you just hope to hear some aunties' dramas and laugh at some uncles' jokes. Before, you were so glad to avoid contact with your friends because you were tired of the competition about job and salary, now you just keep remembering the good time you spent together. You can't help stoping the reverse of your memories --- the places you used to go, the people you used to be,  --- there is a lot of more.  Sometimes, you will only realize the value of things when you lose them. Just hope it will never be too late to get them back.

I believe that at different ages, we have different tasks to complete. When you are young, you can go as far as you want to fulfill your dream or achieve your goal, but at certain time, you need to come back. Back to the home you belongs to, doesn't matter how far you are. Back to the people you love, and don't be shy to show your love. Back to the people you dislike, because of them, you are motivated to have better life.

The word for Today:



Thursday, 6 September 2012

Why do people tell lies?

So many lies are happening around these days. Why do people tell lies?
The governments are telling lies to get your votes so that they can plan their next corruptions. The managers are telling lies to make you work harder with less pay. Some friends are telling lies to get your sympathy for additional helps. Sometimes, even your close families are telling lies for some reasons. We used to believe all these lies easily because we have such a pure mind and trust that people do care about you and your conditions. However, after we had enough experiences, some we may treat them as entertainment, but it is very sad to face the truth that not all lies are acceptable or forgivable.

Some people tell lies because they don't want the truth to hurt you or impact on your normal life, which most of people will understand or even appreciate it.  Some people tell lies because of their own benefits or profits, however, if they are not too over, once or twice, it is still OK. The most scary thing is when you meet someone who is the series-liar and there is no way for you to get rid of it.

I am looking for the answers for following questions about the series-liar:
1. Why love to make up stories to trouble harmless people in front of the third person?
2. Why enjoy creating unnecessary problems among families?
3. What make them so confident to believe that nobody knows which game they are playing?
4. What kind of past can make people like this?
5. Is there anyway to change them or tell them stop living in lies?
6. or the best solution for us is : shutup, walking away, and keep distance?
7. but somehow, it is impossible to avoid them. SO?

Life is not easy. We should save more energy to make our life more beautiful and outstanding based on our knowledge, network, imagination and hard working. Telling lies may make you feel that it is an easy way to access to the gate of fortunes or position, however, it is actually the obstacle for you to enter that gate because those people who you lie to they are smart enough to figure out your true face. The bigger lie you told, the more you will lose. Time is the only matter. God is also seeing.

The word for Today:

Cheng Shi

  诚     实


Monday, 3 September 2012

7 No's

"Wow, you are from Shanghai! We heard a lot about your city. "
"Shanghai! Our government has set up your city as our goal. Mumbai is going to be like yours soon!"
... ... ... ... ... ...

It is a great feeling when people around you are keeping talking good things about your home town.  Recently, I watched a new Bollywood movie named "Shanghai". Actually, the whole story was nothing really about the city, but it started from a promise of making a town like Shanghai. In the last two decades Shanghai has been one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Therefore, people are really impressed by the speed of changing such as the economy, basic infrastructure, public transportation, lifestyle,and fashion.

After I arrived Mumbai, to be honest, I was upset at the beginning. The city
looks pretty dirty. The air is full of dust and unknown smell. When walking on streets, I can hardly find any trash bins. The trash is thrown everywhere. It was really uncomfortable to walk alone, because pedestrians stare at me like I am from some other planet. I was shocked to see so many homeless dogs sleep everywhere on roads. I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to get used to all these conditions during first few months. Sometimes, "being the other Shanghai" topic comes up to my mind. Is it only about keeping building towers or making economic zone? When Shanghai Government decided to speed up development back to early 1990s, I was still in the primary school. One day, our teacher came to the classroom with a post called "7 No's" . I can still remember it clearly:

1. No Vulgarity
2. No Damage Public Property
3. No Littering
4. No Harming Green
5. No Jay-walking
6. No Spitting
7. No Smoking in Public Area
Our teacher took us out to pick up litter on sidewalks in neighbourhood once a week. We stood next to zebra lines to stop people who tried to cross when the red traffic light was on. Surprisingly, most of people they listened to us and felt sorry after we explained to them the reason behind. I have experienced big differences during last 15 years in Shanghai.

If I could give one suggestion to Mumbai Government, I will tell them to launch something similar like that in schools and colleges. There is the time line can set up for constructions, but the good habits take much long time to bring up. The citizens should behave themselves well in public and understand the importance of keep everything properly and value all these efforts. Hoping to live in a better condition is a human nature, however, we must take note of our own behavours first.

The word for Today:

Geng Hao de Sheng Huo

更      好   的    生     活

 Better                 Life