Thursday, 6 September 2012

Why do people tell lies?

So many lies are happening around these days. Why do people tell lies?
The governments are telling lies to get your votes so that they can plan their next corruptions. The managers are telling lies to make you work harder with less pay. Some friends are telling lies to get your sympathy for additional helps. Sometimes, even your close families are telling lies for some reasons. We used to believe all these lies easily because we have such a pure mind and trust that people do care about you and your conditions. However, after we had enough experiences, some we may treat them as entertainment, but it is very sad to face the truth that not all lies are acceptable or forgivable.

Some people tell lies because they don't want the truth to hurt you or impact on your normal life, which most of people will understand or even appreciate it.  Some people tell lies because of their own benefits or profits, however, if they are not too over, once or twice, it is still OK. The most scary thing is when you meet someone who is the series-liar and there is no way for you to get rid of it.

I am looking for the answers for following questions about the series-liar:
1. Why love to make up stories to trouble harmless people in front of the third person?
2. Why enjoy creating unnecessary problems among families?
3. What make them so confident to believe that nobody knows which game they are playing?
4. What kind of past can make people like this?
5. Is there anyway to change them or tell them stop living in lies?
6. or the best solution for us is : shutup, walking away, and keep distance?
7. but somehow, it is impossible to avoid them. SO?

Life is not easy. We should save more energy to make our life more beautiful and outstanding based on our knowledge, network, imagination and hard working. Telling lies may make you feel that it is an easy way to access to the gate of fortunes or position, however, it is actually the obstacle for you to enter that gate because those people who you lie to they are smart enough to figure out your true face. The bigger lie you told, the more you will lose. Time is the only matter. God is also seeing.

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Cheng Shi

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