Wednesday, 12 September 2012


When you are young, you love to travel around and live aboard for some time because you are curious how the life of people is over there such as which language they speak, what music they listen to, how their food taste like, why they believe in different religions, and so on.  Of course, if you are lucky enough, you may meet a local beau or belle and start a romantic journey together... ... ... Every day, you are so excited to wake up early and ready to experience something new. It is amazing there is no fear in your mind even though you are alone surrounded by strangers. You are brave and have the confidence to face all difficulties by yourself.

However, with the increasing of your age, homesick has become a big problem. Before, you were so happy to be a free bird and far away from your parents, now you just desire to have a bite of mom's cookie and enjoy a small debate with dad. Before, you were so annoyed by all relatives who love to check on your love life, now you just hope to hear some aunties' dramas and laugh at some uncles' jokes. Before, you were so glad to avoid contact with your friends because you were tired of the competition about job and salary, now you just keep remembering the good time you spent together. You can't help stoping the reverse of your memories --- the places you used to go, the people you used to be,  --- there is a lot of more.  Sometimes, you will only realize the value of things when you lose them. Just hope it will never be too late to get them back.

I believe that at different ages, we have different tasks to complete. When you are young, you can go as far as you want to fulfill your dream or achieve your goal, but at certain time, you need to come back. Back to the home you belongs to, doesn't matter how far you are. Back to the people you love, and don't be shy to show your love. Back to the people you dislike, because of them, you are motivated to have better life.

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