Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The world peace, a dream?

Why is it so difficult to have the world peace? Reading our history books and watching news, it is interesting to see that actually the war never ends. It is quite upset to hear that everyday there are some innocent people die without any reason.  

Turning on TV, China is having problems with Japan because of one island. Checking on newspaper, US ambassador was killed in Syria. Chatting on internet with friends and family, it is all about "be careful of bomb blasts in India." and then, Korea suddenly came up and claimed that one island belongs to them. Finally, the entire world becomes so excited and looks forwards to hearing some breaking news and headlines. Everybody starts to take actions to unite their friends, partners, followers or supporters. The audience is getting ready to guess when the war will start. 

When you take time to think, you will realize that everything happens mainly only because of different opinions of religions and territories. Normally, it started from 2 nations, but ended up by involving several countries. It is quite interesting to see different reactions among different nations when they come to the frontline: 

1. US :         Whoever I don't like at this moment, let's fight. 
2. China:      Whoever has problems, let's talk, don't fight.
3. UK:          Whoever US doesn't like, I don't like neither.
4. Japan:       Whoever has problems with me, don't worry, I have US at front.
5. S.Korea:   Whoever is angry with me, US, let's show our weapons together. Fighting!
6. N.Korea:  Whoever upsets me, cross the 3/8 line. S. Korea, all problems started because of you!
7. Pakistan:   Whoever questions me about bomb blasts, I did not know anything.
8. India:         Whoever creates problems, I will know from the debates on private TV channels. 

How to support your nations: 
In US, working out and better learn some KongFu. You are needed to save the civilization of the rest of world at anytime. 
In China, being a good negotiator and learning English well. You must have the ability to convince the rest of world by tongue to declaim belongings. Anyway, take it easy, it is not really a matter if others agree or not.
In UK, just following CNN or NBC, wherever US goes, you will go right after. 
In Japan, giving more free lands to US, and then you are safe. 
In S. Korea and N. Korea, better reunite ASAP. 
In Pakistan, I need your suggestions. Don't know what to do.
In India, don't watch any debate. You will slowly be convinced that government did great jobs. 

Above all, just my personal thoughts for fun. NO OFFENSE! Anyway, as individual, we can only wish that there is no war in the world, so we can be happily living with beloved ones as long as possible. Hope that the world peace is not only a dream. It will really come in near future. 

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