Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Smile

When I was teenage, I lived in a small town for many years. Maybe, it was my first experience living aboard by myself, until today I still remember most of things clearly. I used to walk along the lake for hours everyday, because I simply fell in love with its beauty. I used to go to that post office at the corner, because I usually went there to pick up the box my mum sent to me. I used to pass by that street very often, because one shop there had my favorite chocolate. I used to climb up that small hill every night, because it was the only way home. Of course, the Irish bar I went with friends at weekends, the Ice Cream kiosk near the lakeside, the platform 1 at the train station, once upon time, they were all very important parts in my life. How can I forget  people there? Doesn't matter if you met before or not,  when they see you they always greet you with a big smile first. It was very enjoying to make new friends there, because people were polite and open to talk.

After coming back to the big city life, I moved in an apartment in a tall building. Maybe I got used to smile at strangers to show my politeness for many years, I had applied the same way to greet people I met in elevators. Surprisingly, I did not get the reaction as I expected. I felt that most of people just thought I was fool or crazy, some of them didn't even bother to look at me. "Maybe I am foreigner, so they are shy?" I asked, my colleague told me that she still doesn't know her neighbors' names after living on the same floor for 5 years. Everybody is too busy with their own lives and no time to spend with others.

Slowly, I gave up my old habits and behave like a "normal".  Somehow, I can't stop thinking the old time in that small town, where people did not mind giving a smile to a stranger. In fact, it really makes the other feel warm and welcomed. Here, in big city, people seems to be cool to be alone. It is a kind of sad. Hope one day, I will be brave enough to start to smile at strangers again even they look at me like an idiot.  

The world for today:

Wei Xiao

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