Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The definition of Happy Life

The meaning of Happiness is different to everyone, so we all expect to have our own kind of happy life. It is funny to hear some people around always complaint that they couldn't have any saving after working many years while they just keep buying LV bags, dining at fine dinning restaurants, and shopping at department stores.

These days, when Samsung becomes a piece of hot cake, everybody in the office from staff to managers slowly starts to change their cell phones. Actually, most of them don't even know what is so special about it. But they know that if you don't have it, which means that you don't understand the fashion. It is such a pity that you lost your simple demanding of happiness to meet others' standard. You start to follow other people's living style which you think it make you look better within the groups. Thinking carefully for a while, you may find out that their way of living is not suitable for you because of the capacity of earnings or different tastes. However, what to do, you can't change. You are scared of being laughed by others or you just can't get rid of the life called luxury.

For me, the definition of happy life:
1. Sleep at least 8 hours per day, sleep until whenever I want to wake up at weekends
2. Eat mum's food very often
3. Have a group of friends to have a tea/coffee time once a week
4. Travel once a while
5. Spend some quality time with family
6. Have time to read a few pages of book everyday
7. Get out of the office on time
8. Do some sports daily
9. Get a smile from a stranger daily
10. Have good health
11. Find someone to love
12. Have a dream and keep fulfilling it
... ... ...
 The most important thing is to live as myself and for myself.

You can never make everyone like you or admire you, but you can assure to make yourself happy without hurting others.

The world for Today:
Huo Chu Zi Wo
活    出   自我
Live for yourself

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