Thursday, 11 October 2012

Girl talks

Once upon time, all girls dreamed to be an office lady (OL) because they were jealous of those (OL) who sat in front of AC and had their own desks in a clean room with big windows on the high floors inside tall buildings. Whenever there were OL scenes in TV series and movies, you could see all young girls' eyes shining and blinking. Everybody started to talk about their fashionable dresses, beautiful makeups and good-looking boyfriends. You could definitely felt the excitements among these young girls and their wishes of being one of them.

So when it was about the time to choose future careers --- the intelligent girl selected finance and accounting, the outgoing girl considered hotel industry, the shy one preferred to be in administrations and the beautiful one keen to be a secretary in some big company.

After 5 years, everybody met again. "how is your life?" All these girls have become women now! The intelligent one complained that her OL life is all about making budgets, studying revenues, calculating profits, handling greedy investors and working overtimes. She loved facing challenges and proving her ability before, but now she only wants to have some quality time to rest. She earned enough money, but sadly having no spare time to spend it and no one to enjoy with. "I have great fun with my life. I don't really sit in offices at work. I walk around the hotel to greet people. I party hard with my potential clients after work. Job has become a part of my enjoyments. Let me know If you want to hung out. I have connections in all best clubs, pubs, and restaurants!". The outgoing one proposed. "Do you have any saving? You seem to have pretty expensive lifestyle." The shy one asked. "en... Of course! I can have 3 free meals at staff canteen. Uniform is provided. Happy hours with clients and phone bills are paid by hotels. What else do I need to spend by myself?" Proudly answered by the hotelier. "Don't worry. Your new director is a very wise investor. You will get some ideas of double your fortune or even more!" the intelligent one updated latest news to the shy one. "I heard that he resigned from the pervious job and got divorced because of some affairs with his staff. You'd better keep some distance!" the outgoing one gossiped. "I'm having 2 lovely kids with my husband. We are happy together." the shy one smiled timidly. 3 of them looked at each other and laughed loudly. "Why are you so quiet,beauty?" "I just found out something important. You will be busy on arranging my wedding ceremony at hotel. You will work at my wedding reception desk. And you will definitely come to congraduate us with a great gift!" The beautiful one said calmly "I'm so released that I will not end the same as my former one. Thank you, shy!"

Oops, silence is golden!

The world for Today:
Cheng mo Shi jin
沉 默 是 金
Silence is golden.

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