Monday, 3 September 2012

7 No's

"Wow, you are from Shanghai! We heard a lot about your city. "
"Shanghai! Our government has set up your city as our goal. Mumbai is going to be like yours soon!"
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It is a great feeling when people around you are keeping talking good things about your home town.  Recently, I watched a new Bollywood movie named "Shanghai". Actually, the whole story was nothing really about the city, but it started from a promise of making a town like Shanghai. In the last two decades Shanghai has been one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Therefore, people are really impressed by the speed of changing such as the economy, basic infrastructure, public transportation, lifestyle,and fashion.

After I arrived Mumbai, to be honest, I was upset at the beginning. The city
looks pretty dirty. The air is full of dust and unknown smell. When walking on streets, I can hardly find any trash bins. The trash is thrown everywhere. It was really uncomfortable to walk alone, because pedestrians stare at me like I am from some other planet. I was shocked to see so many homeless dogs sleep everywhere on roads. I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to get used to all these conditions during first few months. Sometimes, "being the other Shanghai" topic comes up to my mind. Is it only about keeping building towers or making economic zone? When Shanghai Government decided to speed up development back to early 1990s, I was still in the primary school. One day, our teacher came to the classroom with a post called "7 No's" . I can still remember it clearly:

1. No Vulgarity
2. No Damage Public Property
3. No Littering
4. No Harming Green
5. No Jay-walking
6. No Spitting
7. No Smoking in Public Area
Our teacher took us out to pick up litter on sidewalks in neighbourhood once a week. We stood next to zebra lines to stop people who tried to cross when the red traffic light was on. Surprisingly, most of people they listened to us and felt sorry after we explained to them the reason behind. I have experienced big differences during last 15 years in Shanghai.

If I could give one suggestion to Mumbai Government, I will tell them to launch something similar like that in schools and colleges. There is the time line can set up for constructions, but the good habits take much long time to bring up. The citizens should behave themselves well in public and understand the importance of keep everything properly and value all these efforts. Hoping to live in a better condition is a human nature, however, we must take note of our own behavours first.

The word for Today:

Geng Hao de Sheng Huo

更      好   的    生     活

 Better                 Life

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