Saturday, 4 August 2012

Baby Boom this year ?

Just received a great news from my friend that she has just got a "dragon baby"!!! What is the dragon baby? You may have question marks in your mind. Don't get it wrong. We call all babies born this year this way because it is the year of Dragon. Actually, there are still a few parents-to-be on the list! Wonderful! Wonderful!!Wonderful!!!

There are total 12 animals in Chinese zodiac. Every year, the animal changes according to Chinese lunar year calendar. Dragon is the fifth at the rank and the only animal that is from a fairytale. Since dragons symbolize power and elegance, people consider the baby born under dragon year will be extremely lucky and blessed by nature. They have a sense of honor, respect, audacity, and loyalty. Therefore, many couples plan to have their babies this year.

You will see the pictures with 12 animals on the right side. They are actually the traditional Chinese paintings. If you are interested in knowing your Chinese zodiac, leave a comment. I will get you back soon.

Have a nice weekend!

The word for today:

Long Nian
龙     年
Dragon Year

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