Friday, 3 August 2012

China and India!

Turned on TV, all Indian channels were focus on the badminton match of Wang Yihan (China) and Saina Nehwal (India) in London today. It was a beautiful match to watch. Both of them played so well.  Saina is the big hope of getting the medal for India team, no wonder how many eyes are on her. In fact, Saina is well-known in China as well because of her great performance recently. I think it is fair enough to say that she is the best non-Chinese player in this field. Chinese newspaper had a nice interview of her. Definitely, her fan club is growing in China as well!.

I realize that Indian channels have the debates about China very often these days. Doesn't matter the comments are positive or negative, it is fun to hear the opinions from others. "Dragon Vs Tiger" is a a very hot topic. People love to talk about these 2 counties because both have so many things in common such as big population, door to door neighbors, rich culture, long history and so on. On the other hand, different country policy and speed of development get more people's interests to discuss and compare them with each other. However, most of people think that it is only the matter of time,  both countries will become the superpowers in near future. 

I, as a Chinese living in India, I feel lucky to have the opportunity of experiencing the rises of both counties.  I am not the expert in politics, but I can really feel the spirits of desiring better life. 

The word for today:

Yu Mao Qiu

羽   毛    球


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