Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Do you want to have a husband like this?

Remember all anniversaries, but never show attitude if you forget.
Order the food you like, and never mind eating your leftovers.
Let you warm your cold feet by his hands, and never push you away.
Carry all shopping bags, even though there is nothing for him.
Never shout at you, even it is really your fault.
Love to make you laugh, because it is always his happiest moment.

These are some points listed by my girl friends as the standard of their princes charming. It is funny how you can expect a guy to do all these only because of love in today's world. At least, I don't believe it. The major difference between female and male in love is the last of feelings. Women may like several guys in the same period, but they will only fall in love with one and last forever if he doesn't try to break the relation first. Men may fall in love with one girl only at a time, but the feeling will only last 3 months or even less. If he is still with you after, there are only 2 reasons:  love your food or still waiting for the next one to come.

So if you want to have a husband like this, here is my conclusion --- learn cooking and makeup.
Cooking good food, you can satisfy his stomach. Happy stomach keeps him home all the time.
Knowing makeup, you can change your look. Different looks can let him feel he is dating different women.


The word for today:

Mei Jiu Jia Ren

美   酒  佳  人

fine wine and beauty

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