Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to sell yourself in Love Market

There is a survey going on these days on radio. The question is " Do you prefer love marriage or arrange marriage?"Actually, doesn't matter how you meet each other, in my opinion, the most important thing is you should know how to sell yourself to the right person in a right way. It is quite interesting to apply 4Cs (we learn in sales and marketing) to explain this case. 

1. C :   "consumer",  here it represents whom you love to sell yourself to. 
             Once you meet someone matching your idea, you must figure out what he/she is looking for as well. It is your task to focus to satisfying the "consumer needs" in order to achieve the selling. Everyone must have some ideas in mind about how their future wife or husband should be, such as education background, appearances, religions, and so on. If you believe you are the one or after making some acceptable changes (eg: from meat lover to vegetarian :P) you could be the one, then it is a pretty good start.   

 2. C:    "cost", it is reflecting the total cost of ownership --- how much the consumers need to spend to own this marriage. Many factors affect the costs from dating such as dinning outside, birthday gifts, valentine day celebration, movie tickets, and so on. The big amount will be the wedding party expenses, buying apartment and then taking care of kids. Of course, you have to share your rest of life together that is the biggest investment.  

3. C:    "communication", it is the channel to promote yourself. It can include advertising (direct tell him/her and make the awareness), public relations (become a friend of his/her friends and make them take your side), and personal selling (approach his/her parents and make them like you). Those people who can help to make the final decision are all you need to get along with.

4. C:     "convenience", it takes into account the ease of reaching you. You mush be assessable whenever you are needed. That's the reason that Mobile, Internet and webcam become very popular. Make sure you always have the answer to the question like: "where are you? what are you doing? who are there with you? why you didn't call me?" ,etc.

Above all, it is my personal opinion. It is suitable for someone looking for the serious relationships. If anyone still wants to have fun, do not need to apply. After reading all, you can still breathe normally,  I think you are ready to get into a healthy relationship. 

Good Luck!

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