Monday, 3 November 2014

Life Winner

Why people can not be happy with what they are having on hand and always expecting what they can have more? 
Why people always keep an eye on what others have but not the other way around to consider how many people don't even have what you have already had?

There are so many called "life winners", in real life, they may not even have one trust friend or one reliable partner.  After leaving their offices, the only thing they can do is "stay home, eat popcorn and watch movies". they are scared of sharing any problem or doubt with anyone, because they can not lose the title as "life winner". How can they ask helps from those they call "Losers"? So for them, life has become a drama you have to act. 

Many of us may lose our own judgement. How to find yourself a balance of "Lose" or "Win"? 

My high school classmates had a first reunion last week after many years. I wasn't able to attend since I was out of town. After the gathering, many people shared photos in our group at social network with their kids and partners.  It was an open invitation to everyone, but what surprised me is only those who married with kids were there. --- Did they want to show they are the winners? or Did the others think  themselves as losers? 

Conversation with my cousin: "Hey, your parents are behind me to introduce some boys to you for marriage since you are only interested in your work and study, what do you think?" "Forget about it, I have seen a lot already, but none of them went well." "What happened to them?" "Hard to say, but I will never lower my standard even so I am not concerned young enough to have more chances in love. I know who I am waiting for and he will appear one day."   "Aren't you bored with your work and study?" "No, I like it! I enjoy very much. I know what I can achieve!" --- Is she crazy or genius?

Casually asking my colleague would he go back home town to visit his parents during Diwali, he said no, because he decided to meet his girlfriend in her city this year. "Wow, how can you manage it?  Are you from different castes?  How long have you been together? Are you guys taking this relationship seriously? " "We met at some event and we only saw each other twice but I know she is the one. Both of us are focusing on careers, but we plan to work in the same city when the opportunity comes." --- Is he idealist or realist?

I was having a tea at balcony and enjoying beautiful Diwali lights hanging outside. Suddenly, I saw a young father climbing up the radder and putting up their lantern on the celling at the opposite side. His wife looked at his every movement and held the radder carefully. A small girl was sitting on the shoulders of her grandfather and excited to see the final result. After a long wait, the arrangement was all settled. The grandmother turned on the switch. At that moment, the light shined everyone's joyful face. The girl was clapping and cheering, the others were laughing loudly at her reactions. Such a pretty and warm picture! --- They are life winners!

Real winners, they take care of what they already won, because they know that's the foundation to help them to gain more; Real winners, they believe in themselves. They have the confidence in what they trust; Real winners, they are not actors in their lives. They understand living their own way, so they can win more; Real winners don't care about what others say, because only themselves are holding the key to happiness and satisfaction.  Be yourself, listen to your heart, and become a winner of your own!

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