Saturday, 18 October 2014

Just a wish

Each single day could be a special day for some one.

With the increasing of the age, getting more socialized with people, sometime I just feel that I have lost the interest of celebrations. 

On any colleague's birthday, the cake is bought by the boss. Everybody is called to attend a short gathering. Of course, singing "Happy Birthday to ......" becomes a must performance. Anybody looks so happy, but I believe most of you just want to get a piece of cake, run back to your desk, and leave the office at 6:00pm sharp.  

When seeing people holding hands and enjoying their special wine and chocolate on valentine's day, I just can't stop thinking how many of you really know the meaning of love, "hope you are the only date for him/her tonight!"

However, today, I feel something different. Maybe I have been away from home for many years; Maybe I have the guilty that I haven't celebrated any special day with them for so long; Maybe I was too busy to even give a call every week. Maybe I am too selfish, until today I just cant tell them that I love them both so much; Maybe, and maybe...... 

I tried to give a lot of excuses to myself to convince myself that overall I am still a good daughter. But I know I am not.

"Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you, my lovely baba and mama!" 

Thank you for your right decision, so I have the opportunity to come to this wonderful world and have selfless love from both of you! Please stay healthy, give me a chance to make up the time I wasted before. 

Hope there are more and more years..... we can be together... love, laugh, and live!!!!

The wold of the day

Wedding Anniversary

Jie Hun Ji Nian Ri

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