Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Little buddy --- the first day we met

Why do you want to have a puppy?

--- Get bored at home,  but tired of talking to humans
--- Like to observe, just want to look at their cute face, sweet!!!
--- Feel safe, when they are along
--- They are the best friends
If they are reasons you want to have a puppy, sorry, they are not all true. It was not easy to take care of them. Responsibility, Patience, Love, Pray are the qualities you'd better have. After all, you can expect once they grow up they may like what you look for.

I got my first puppy one month ago. It has been a very exciting, tiring, and busy month...

I didn't believe "love at the first sight", but after he was running in front of me --- such a tiny boy with a pair of innocent eyes. When I tried to hold him, he started to lick my face by his little pink tongue. "wow, wet and warm!" Can't understand the person like me always talking about hygiene allowed it happening so easily. At that moment, I realized that I am in Love...

On the way home by car, I was wrapping him with a blanket. He checked and smelled surrounding quickly, and fell sleeping during the rest of time. His whole body was lying on my legs.  He looked so relaxing and easy-going. Suddenly, I was so proud of my choice, because he was not like a little evil as other experienced friends said, he was an angel!

Once we reached home, he was excited to walk around and check rooms by himself while I was busy on preparing his food and water. After having his first dinner at home, he was peacefully settled down at a little corner in the living room. He was tired and asleep again. "Such a wonderful beginning! Can't get any more better."

I started to put some drops in toilet as my vet suggested to train him where to do as early as possible. I also put some old newspaper with drops close by him. Hope that he could do at right places. Refilled the water inside his bowl. Seemed everything was arranged for the night. When you enjoy doing something, you don't feel the time is flying. What else more you could ask for? Little cute buddy at home. Looking sweet and charming. I just could not remove my eyes on him...

Good night, my little buddy!

Actually, the real fun was the next day morning...

To be continued...

the word for today:

xiao gou

小    狗


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  1. Very Interesting! Looking forward for the next one!